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Eren Yeager By Soulfire, Season 4 JUS Edit 2 By Dema Mugen Released (01/03/22)

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Eren Yeager By Soulfire, Season 4 JUS Edit 2 By Dema Mugen Released (01/03/22) 49283912532_cb9be7ddac_o
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List of changes:
- Fixed uppercut bug that causes P2 to not attack.
- Fixed some hitboxes.
- Fixed run jump.
- Fixed Titan death animation. (instead of just popping out of existence)
- Tweaked transformation pause.
- Second hit from Eren's C is now recoverable.
- Special 1,2,5,6, and Ultimate are now comboable.
- Titan transformation now has knock back similar to his Half Titan Bones.
- All hardening spikes are unblockable.
- Air C now has movement.
- Improved quality of Founding Titan transformation music.
- Rock throw move in titan form is unblockable.
- Every attack in titan form gives chip damage.
- Cannot recover from FULL titan transformation knock back.
- Increased range of Half Bones knockback.
- Founding Titan takes less damage compared to Attack Titan form.
- Founding Titan transformation now restores 25% - 50% of your max life.
- Founding Titan gains power depending on damage taken.
- Founding Titan can transform into Rage Attack Titan at 3000 power. Press "X".
- Founding Titan now summons an attacking Attack Titan on the cursor every 20 seconds.
- Founding Titan automatically summons Colossal arms and feet on the cursor every 5 seconds.
 - Attack Titans knockback on summon.
 - Attack Titans now have health.
- Rage Attack Titan has 3 more specials compared to the Attack Titan.
- First Rage Attack Titan transformation heals you by 15% - 30% of your max life.
- Special interaction with Armin Arlet (Enable/Disable in the IA).
- Special Founding Titan transformation sequence (Enable/Disable in the IA).

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