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1Full Game MUGEN FIGHTING JAM Fri Dec 17, 2021 4:11 pm

Aumio Khan

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This is full game from editing cvs characters to be played as pure Street Fighter gameplay system.


- All characters have been adjusted to have same exact gameplay system (no more groove select)
- Uniform throw input system: LP+LK
- Based on CVS P groove
- No more rolling, parry, air blocking, just defend, long jump, and small jump.
- All characters special command have modified to simplified and matched with updated original game
- Always recovery on wake up like Street Fighter V gameplay system
- Using Mugen Fighting Jam screenpack by Jesuszilla
- Arcade mode cpu match have been ordered based on cpu level and canon story
- Some character's bug have been fixed
- All characters have cpu AI
- Add missed air throw animation on all characters which have air throw ability
- Guard counter system by pressing Forward+MP+MK while blocking (require 1 bar super meter) on all characters
- All characters movelist is available at cvs_mugen_fighting_jam.txt file
- New EX special move on all characters


Taunt Press Start.
Throw LP + LK (close)
Back Throw b + LP + LK (close)
Guard Counter f + MP + MK (while blocking) (require 1 level power gauge)
EX Moves require 1 level power gauge
SUPER Moves require 3 level power gauge
Backroll Get Up b (while getting up from knocked down)
Forward Dash f, f
Backward Dash b, b

Download link:
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Update each files:
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Special thanks to:
- Warusaki3, Jesuszilla, H', Gal129, Rei, Tjun, Bajanflash, IKEISLEGEND, GigaHertz, Mr. Piffy and other cvs characters maker for making great cvs chars conversion.
- DivineWolf, Varo Hades, Koldskool, and others for making great POTS characters.
- NeoGouki for making great nostalgic stages
- Zophar for its great collection of music stag

2Full Game Re: MUGEN FIGHTING JAM Sat Dec 18, 2021 12:54 am



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an interesting compilation.
It would be nice if they created some more unique designs for the screenpack, as I know this is now a very old design that was popular on the mugen 1.0 engine too, but overall its a great and fun looking compilation.
Thanks and respect to all the hard working creators and people that spent time building this and adding stages and music to make it fun for everyone

3Full Game Re: MUGEN FIGHTING JAM Thu Aug 25, 2022 3:04 pm



gonna give this a try.

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