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Super Fighter (characters) by Super Fighter Team

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First off, special thanks to ZombieBrock from MFG for actually taking the time to fix these characters properly. I attempted to do this myself, but being as how I don't know squat about character creation, it was more or less a failed attempt to say the least. ANYWHO...

Super Fighter (characters) by Super Fighter Team 7QMsVQ5

Super Fighter is a game created by the Super Fighter Team sometime during 2013. I'm not 100% certain if these characters are entirely original or are based off of another game called Super Fighter and simply just re-made into a custom MUGEN full-game.

Super Fighter (characters) by Super Fighter Team 1vU7FQx

Regardless, all of these characters are clearly based on Street Fighter II, as every character either uses their sounds, copies a bunch of their moves, and more or less imitates all of the characters between the entire cast. For example, they have their own version of Blanka called "Redman" who gets moves from Blanka but also moves from Guile and I believe some moves from M. Bison. So yeah... its a huge bootleg-ish kind of a mess, but its pretty awesome.

So, if you want the roster, and don't want the bugs of attempting to try and copy just the characters themselves from the game into regular MUGEN 1.0/1.1, then here you go.

Enjoy the [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] of all these characters + stages/music with no bugs... or at least none I could find.

If you want the original game, just click [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
It is still a MUGEN game, just not compatible with regular MUGEN 1.0/1.1 (in the same way their Tough Guy isn't compatible, Mortal Kombat Project isn't compatible, and so on).


* Fixed palette keymap to use X as 1 like pretty much 99% of fighting games.

* Remapped commands to use X and A as P and K.

* Characters localcoord'd to match other characters.

* Made sounds, sprites, animations, and all that other formerly fullgame crap work.

* Fixed black bars on stages so that they don't cover the lifebars and stuff.

* Normalized stage music.  (89dB guys.  Not 96 or 101.)

* Removed a sound in characters' sound file so that it's not freaking 9MB.

* Balanced all life/damage and power to be more compatible with other characters. (x8/x24)

* Fixed some state changes that relied on characters using a selfstate defined in fullgame common states.

* Fixed all scaling issues due to original resolution.  That was fun!

* Fixed stage scaling so it's not some stupid incorrect ratio.

* Fixed Joker's throw

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This games origin before mugen and original title in english was Fatal Encounter. It is a 1993 Taiwanese fighting game made by a company called C&E

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Super Fighter (characters) by Super Fighter Team WEOuZsG

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