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Newagemugen Cinema Network Members Guide (Updated Sep 2021)

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Newagemugen Cinema Network Members Guide (Updated Sep 2021) RjBqV68
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Newagemugen Cinema Network Members Guide (Updated Sep 2021) EK6et1v

Boost your YouTube channel! Join the Newagemugen Cinema Network!

According to Google statistics, 5 of the most viewed Mugen videos of all time were uploaded to YouTube between 2015-2017.
As of 2021 Each of these 5 videos have between 3.5-6.6 million views each.

Between 2019-2021, an average of 40 Mugen videos were uploaded to YouTube every 24 hours.

For the average Mugen Youtuber, trying to get noticed in an over-saturated market, the struggle is real.

Newagemugen Cinema Network Members Guide (Updated Sep 2021) RoQgGyg

How can a Mugentuber rise above the rest and be noticed with so many other new Mugen Videos and channels appearing every day?
Well that's where we come in - The Newagemugen Cinema Network!

What is the Newagemugen Cinema Network?

The Newagemugen Cinema Network is a special service available exclusively to Newagemugen Members with YouTube Channels showcasing Mugen content.
This special service was designed to boost views and subscribers for all Newagemugen YouTubers.
It is a paid service that we offer completely free to all our Newagemugen community members to help them grow their YouTube channels and following.

Newagemugen Cinema Network Members Guide (Updated Sep 2021) XB1fjNZ

Why Join the Newagemugen Cinema Network?

By joining the Newagemugen Cinema Network, your channel automatically qualifies for special features and bonuses:

- Increased Youtube Views and subscribers
- Boosted search result hits in youtube/google
- Increased chances of having videos featured in "recommendations" on youtube for mugen content searches
- Exclusive advertising and promotional art exposure
- Frequent exposure, shout outs and mentions via our Discord, forum and community videos

How does the Newagemugen Cinema Network work?(SHORT VERSION)

It's simple. uses paid services offered by Google analytics.
accepted Member accounts simply re-post their mugen youtube videos in our Mugen cinema section and follow our keyword guidelines.
Their videos will automatically receive view boosts and higher % chance of appearing in recommendations/search results in youtube/google.

How does the Newagemugen Cinema Network work?(LONG VERSION)
For a Youtuber, the Google Algorithm controls everything and it is always changing.
The algorithm decides which youtube videos are popular, trending, and viral.
The algorithm also affects which key words are relevant, and which videos will get the most exposure.

In 2018, Newagemugen began investing in paid google analytics services to understand how this algorithm works.
We wanted to understand the wider mugen community more.
We invested a lot of real time and money to understand the mugen community, where it's been, and where its going.
What we discovered, is that Google offers paid services to help websites and Youtubers gain more search hits and clicks.
We invested in these services and set up key word and search systems that would allow our members to have an advantage in gaining views and subscribers.

We have invested in associating specific key search terms related to mugen with our domain "" via SEO (search engine optimization) and google ad-words services.
Terms such as Mugen 1.1, Mugen download, Anime mugen, JUS Mugen, Mugen Screenpack, Mugen release, Mugen characters download, Mugen Full game, and 100s more, are being associated with the google algorithm for Mugen content.
By posting videos relating to mugen that include our website "" in the video description, and also embedding the videos on our website,
the google algorithm associates this content with all mugen key words/search words also included in our website SEO (search engine optimization) related to mugen that are popular.

When a new Newagemugen member has a YouTube channel joins us that wants to be included in getting possible search results on google for these terms,
We then take the Channel name, channel URL and any other relevant information that relates to that channel, and we add it to our website and into the paid services to ensure it gains the boosts.

How do I join the Newagemugen cinema Network?

You must be personally asked to join by another Newagemugen member. It is only offered to certain members with YouTube channels of specific/quality mugen content

How do I set up my videos to enable view boosts?

There are 3 simple steps. All steps MUST be completed for the algorithm to work:
1. Create your Video channel topic in our Mugen Cinema section

(All videos posted here will be automatically detected by our paid services if we have flagged you as a Mugen cinema network member)
2. Add the Newagemugen URL and Hashtag to the header of EVERY Mugen YouTube video upload (see examples below)

- HASHTAGS: Include #Newagemugen in the header of your youtube video description
- Include the Newagemugen full URL in the very header of your videos. (see an example of text used by our existing members below)

" Visit and join the NewAgeMugen forum for all your mugen needs: "
Newagemugen Cinema Network Members Guide (Updated Sep 2021) O4eazlx

- You can also add an additional website link directly to your personal Mugen cinema video thread to further assist increased redirects specifically to your content.
3. Add a clickable direct link in your ABOUT page on youtube to our website URL (see examples below)

Newagemugen Cinema Network Members Guide (Updated Sep 2021) NbwNlkt

And that's about it!
Sit back, and watch your views and subscriber count rise!
Join us today!

This sounds too good to be true. What do you guys get out of this?

For us, the true goal of this service is to increase the views of Mugen channels and content we personally believe to be best for the future of the Mugen community.
Mugen has gained a bad reputation in the past for being a broken, outdated, clandestine community full of homer Simpson vs hentai horse MacDonald fights.
Our goal is to change that by promoting Mugen content and mugen members we believe promote the community and engine in a positive, quality way.

Other Frequently asked Questions

When I post my Mugen videos in the Mugen Cinema section, should I post all my videos in one topic, or multiple topics?
The best way to promote and showcase your videos, and also to allow the algorithm to do its work, is to create one General Topic in the Mugen Cinema Section dedicated to your Youtube channel. The title should also be something that relates to your Channel Name. Or your Username that will best familiarize the algorithm with you, your content description, and Mugen. Examples of good names would be something like "[InsertUserName]'s Mugen Battle collection!" Or [InsertUserName]'s Mugen Fight's!. It can be anything, as long as it relates to your content and what you want to use as a general title for your Mugen Videos that you want to increase awareness for.

What are those cool ass looking Banners on the homepage that show Mugen cinema Network members?
The homepage premium art banner is for premium cinema network members who have reached certain criteria and/or have been nominated by other Mugen staff & senior members. The Premium banner includes clickable URL links that redirect to your content or Youtube channel.

How do I get a premium banner for my channel/content on your homepage?
There are 3 ways. The first and easiest way is to simply commission one. If you want us to promote you/your content to our 3000+ visitors to the site every month, simply request one here:

The second method is centered around being active, consistent, and supportive to the Newagemugen Community via our forum.

The third method is via nomination by a senior Newagemugen member/staff

What are the requirements for my Youtube channel to get nominated for the Newagemugen Cinema Network?
-Quality over quantity. Newagemugen has a reputation for "being the best at what we do.
We are not looking for channels that upload recklessly and randomly with inconsistent content.

- Video clarity is everything
Nothing under 720p will be considered for 99% of the time. It is not 2008 & if you don't have a PC capable of recording in 720p or higher resolution, it is highly likely you will not be nominated or considered unless for a very specific reason or special circumstance.

- No Watermarked videos
No Bandicam Logos. No trial version screen capture tools. It's not 2005 anymore guys.
We recommend using either Nvidia's default overlay capture function via GEFORCE Experience, or quality 3rd party software like OBS Studio.

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Newagemugen Cinema Network Members Guide (Updated Sep 2021) 37790345872_ebfeb58d10_o



Newagemugen Cinema Network Members Guide (Updated Sep 2021) RjBqV68
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Info Updated 17.10.21

Newagemugen Cinema Network Members Guide (Updated Sep 2021) 37790345872_ebfeb58d10_o

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