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Stage review request for"FallenGodVP by Vegaz Parelli

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Stage review request for"FallenGodVP by Vegaz Parelli 50086984306_129c06f147_o
Stage review request for"FallenGodVP by Vegaz Parelli FIVdMCz

This is a review/feedback request for the "FallenGod" stage WIP by Vegaz Parelli



- Original idea
- Nice weather emulation effects (sand/win/sun lensflare)
- selected sprite media format consistent. no mixed media clashes
- Good zoffset values (great for multi Screenpack use)
- Decent Zoom
- decent layering to give distance effect
- [StageInfo] set up correctly
- decent bound width for movement


- errors: [Info] mugenversion not specified in .def file
- errors: [Camera] incorrect startzoom value (single digit values only. alt x/y axis comma separated values are supported in mugen)
- Non-cascading delta values detected:
Line 146: delta = .5700,1
Line 155: delta = .55,1
- lack of layer separation in sky layer (clouds/planet/sky are on singular layer at present

- Some graphical flaws (see advanced feedback at end of stage review)


Overall a great stage, a decent combination of image editing, layering, mugen 1.1 stage parameter code use.
The sprite use and animations clearly depict the theme of the stage, the sand, wind, heat, and the effects don't clash
or cause any distraction from game-play.
The zoffset values are perfect, and after testing in several mugen 640x480 and 1280x960 screenpacks, can confirm that the stage is multi compatible with all lifebars tested.
A definite release-ready stage.

Advanced suggestions/feedback (for extreme NAM level scrutiny lol)
Advanced NAM level feedback:

- Severe image anti-aliasing on sky layer.
Image should be resampled at 16bit & replaced, or up-scaled &/or cleaned to remove visible jpeg artifacts.
(Photoshop and/or commercial graphic editing software required)

- highly visible blur/distortion/pixelation on heatwave squirlz fx layers
all fx layers should be pre=upscaled to 2x before application of distortion filters to prevent distortion/jpeg artifact errors.

- visible jagged/pixelation on various object edges
Most visible on statue head area, mountain edges area, floor sprites.
quality will depend on original source images used/method of rendering used, and software application used.

- obvious tiling on main floor sprite
mirrored center pattern on floor sprite too obvious. should be either replaced and/or edited to hide any obvious sprite horizontal mirror tiling



Stage review request for"FallenGodVP by Vegaz Parelli 2D2jZmR
Thanks a lot bruh. I opened the spoiler like it was a Xmas gift. Lol! Sounds like I got work to do. Might need a hand on this one. We'll see..

Stage review request for"FallenGodVP by Vegaz Parelli 0hGNWik

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