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SF3 Sagat by Vegeta 20xx (Edited/Updated)

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Aumio Khan

SF3 Sagat by Vegeta 20xx (Edited/Updated) Wcz4RWt
SF3 Sagat by Vegeta 20xx, edited by me
What's Done:
1. Added new big and small portrait
2. Fixed misaligned grab/throw
3. Fixed misaligned shining scare on the chest pose
4. Added new alt sff using sf3 sprites by eFeX, Chamat and chuchoryu (but had some palette issue)

Note: The Problem is the lack of frames in chuchoryu's sprite sheet. So the new sff file has some palette issue because I had to keep some old SFA sprites back there which use different palette map.

Here are those sprites, if anyone gonna improves and fills up the missing frames.
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Link In The Video Description!

I have zero experience in character editing. So don't expect anything extra-ordinary here. Thank You!

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Aumio Khan

SF3 Sagat by Vegeta 20xx (Edited/Updated) Wcz4RWt
Plz re-download. I fixed the palette issue.

Aumio Khan

SF3 Sagat by Vegeta 20xx (Edited/Updated) Wcz4RWt
-Added some palettes for SF3 sff.
-Fixed misaligned tiger shot (both crouching and standing)

Please re-download again.

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