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POTS Style Akuma By DivineWolf, Edited By Dingus McBaseball (27.11.20)

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Filthy Fredo

Filthy Fredo

POTS Style Akuma By DivineWolf, Edited By Dingus McBaseball (27.11.20) 49241500477_6b04bc7f46_o
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An improved and tweaked version of the DivineWolf's Akuma.
One important thing to note: Dingus uploads his characters "pre-patched" to work in older builds of add004. You will see some files with the extensions of .a4bk.
You should remove these using the restore option in the add004pie batch converter application included with add004 and repatch them if you are considering using them in add004.

Author's Notes:
My usual changes for characters include:
Changing frame data and damage on normals for rebalancing.
Removing juggle limit on EX, Supers, and specials with no follow-ups.
Slightly reduced damage to compensate for the extra combo potential.
Heavy and command normals get new juggle properties.
Adding some new extenders at the cost of meter.
Changes on some inputs.
Bugfixes and some other tweaks.
NEW - Harsher damage scaling on combos.
NEW - Most attacks can cancel into Max Mode/Custom Combo.

Probably the character with most edits in all of MUGEN, put way more work into this one than I was expecting though.

-Added an unused Idle animation he had, it is active while you have full meter.
-Fixed most of his Hadoukens missing on cornered enemies.
-The overhead Chop and Close HK spike airborne enemies and have no juggle limit. Close HK can cancel to specials on the first hit.
-His Divekick and Zanku Hadouken can now be performed from the Demon Flip.
-The divekick has no juggle limit and spikes airborne enemies, unless cancelled from the Demon Flip.
-Added new command normal, Gut Punch (B + MP) can be cancelled from Close MP and can cancel to specials.
-Added new command normal, Palm Strike (F + HP) that can cancel to specials. [can combo into Demon Flip divekick with good enough timing *wink wink*]
-Added new command normal, Two Strike (B + HP). If performed during the Taunt animation, this move wallbounces.
-Added new command normal, High Kick (F+ HK), a great anti-air that lifts airborne enemies.
-Added new command normal, Second Upper (D + HP), can only be performed after landing Crouching HP, launches enemies and can cancel to specials.
-EX Hadouken doesnt knock down, but allows you to extend your combo if close enough to the opponent.
-EX Shoryuken has a new animation if the first hit connects.
-EX Demon Flip launches the opponent on the way up like in SF5.
-EX Hyakki Gouzan turns around if you are behind the opponent.
-EX Hyakki Goushou ground bounces just enough for a Shoryuken to hit.
-Hyakki Gousai only hits standing opponents.
-Hyakki Goutsui only hits airborne opponents.
-The EX version of Zanku Hadouken can be performed for free it done during EX Demon Flip.
-You can perform an EX version of his divekick if done during EX Demon Flip, works similarly to Juris Divekick in SF4.
-Added new command grab special Demon Stare (QCB +P) [EX OK], the heavier the version, the slower the startup is but the more range it has. It has to be followed with either any punch or kick buttons, otherwise the opponent escapes.
-Kongou Kokuretsu Zan always knocks down now (you could be counter hit after hitting the opponent near the edge) and can be cancelled after the final hit of your EX Shoryuken.

Hope you like it, Ill upload more if its received well :)
If you find any bugs or infinites, let me know!

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