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[Mugen 1.0/1.1]艾丽雅/Ariya By 黄昏 /阿修-克里门森 (Dusk/Ash Crimson) (5.05.19)

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[Mugen 1.0/1.1]艾丽雅/Ariya By 黄昏 /阿修-克里门森 (Dusk/Ash Crimson) (5.05.19) 50086984306_129c06f147_o
艾丽雅(Ariya) By 黄昏 (Dusk) Released

Yes, its 2020 and Kula Edits are not dead.
Infact thy're SHOCKINGLY still relevant. Well....atleast in China anyway.
Here's another awesome release from the one and only, china's AI brutality mastermind, DUSK.
Known for his hardcore AI patches and AI character edits, this one is certainly no dissappointment. Enjoy this rare treat pirate  What a Face  Twisted Evil

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View full char profile here: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
First name    艾丽雅 Aaliyah
Codename    Ariya
Birthday    ? ? ?
Birthplace NESTS
Age            ? ? ?
Gender:     Female
Blood type  ? ? ?
Height       169cm
Weight      48kg
Fighting style:  Master a variety of weapons, physical skills and fight with electric power, and ? ? ?
favorite things               ? ? ?
Annoying thing              ? ? ?

Authors readme notes:
Note: Diversion and private modification of this character are prohibited, and code plagiarism is prohibited. If you want to use the material of this character, please contact the agent of the public at dusk.

Special thanks: thanks to Vesper's model material authorization of sai_jack

pay attention :
Please modify WavChannels and ExplodMax in the /data/mugen.cfg file under the mugen program directory, otherwise the performance will be lost
as follows:
WavChannels = 32
ExplodMax = 256

Character strength:
1~2p on the fierce (the seal of awakening, that is, the seal of death, the seal of the body, the seal of the laser flying path)
4~6p madness (awakening, that is, death, being in front of the body, the laser flying path can be used to start, open slowly, return air, taunt invincible)
7~9p madness (gas return faster, open air vibration, invincible after hitting the enemy)
10p or more, mad in the top (enhance the return of breath, invincible moves, sliding step with the body)

Hand switch:
The manual switch is in the Ariya-AI.cns file

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Filthy Fredo

Filthy Fredo

[Mugen 1.0/1.1]艾丽雅/Ariya By 黄昏 /阿修-克里门森 (Dusk/Ash Crimson) (5.05.19) 29270914107_0496322bcc_o
I like everything I just saw What a Face

We need more of these chinese dudes around

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