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[IKEMEN]Rumble Fish 2 Style Mr. Karate By Kamekaze (21.05.20)

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Vermilion Spy

Vermilion Spy

[IKEMEN]Rumble Fish 2 Style Mr. Karate  By Kamekaze (21.05.20) 50086984306_129c06f147_o

[IKEMEN]Rumble Fish 2 Style Mr. Karate  By Kamekaze (21.05.20) MRK1 [IKEMEN]Rumble Fish 2 Style Mr. Karate  By Kamekaze (21.05.20) MRK2 [IKEMEN]Rumble Fish 2 Style Mr. Karate  By Kamekaze (21.05.20) MRK3 [IKEMEN]Rumble Fish 2 Style Mr. Karate  By Kamekaze (21.05.20) MRK4

[spoiler="Authors Notes"]So I made this big goodbye post and I think people took it the wrong way. Let me be clear, I am absolutely done with MUGEN at this point, but it's only because I'm now making content exclusive for this engine of which I feel is THE successor to mugen. I can't think of a better way to cement this than to port my greatest hits to this engine, taking full advantage of everything it has to offer. You may notice he has a guard bar now, but that's ok. You can disable it in his map section of his def file if your lifebar has it's own. It will function the same because it's obviously using the built in code this engine provides.

So if you're confused at what you're doing with this character you can actually use the guide for the game for him as he is practically 1:1 with the game! It can be found HERE
Character FAQ:

That being said here's some FAQs

Q: Why is his damage so low on long combos?
A: This game only cares about the first 12 hits, the closer you get to that number the worse the scaling gets. Supers ignore this rule partially.

Q: Sometimes I attack before the standing dodge animation completes, is that normal?
A: You can cancel his standing dodge exactly 8 frames in, it will not extend the i-frames to the next attack so be careful with it's usage!

Q: can I move his guage somewhere else on screen?
A: You sure can, the file can be opened with notepad, it'll explain what to do there.

Q: Sometimes HCB K(Hien Senpukyaku) allows the opponent to recover after the second hit, why?
A: Some specials have different behaviors on grounded opponents vs opponents in the air. You can force consistent behavior by using an Impact blow.

Q: I noticed that sometimes I can't tech after getting juggled by Mr. Karate, why?
A: If you're too close to the floor you cannot tech. Rules of the source game. The AI is very aware of that.

>>Download HERE<<

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