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How to turn an HD 720P lifebar into 480P By using Scale code Setting Command

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How to turn an HD 720P lifebar into 480P By using Scale code Setting Command 49283851498_0631820187_o
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Many other Mugen Fans that want to learn to resize lifebars and they always ask me : Hey OldGamer How do I resize an LifeBar ?, but the problem is they get confuse and don't know different between from Resizing Lifebars to Reducing a lifebars and they normally send me A Life bar made by other Mugen Creator that has HD 720P setting for the Mugen 1.0 and Mugen 1.1, I can keep repeating myself to them. they are already in there full size don't need to be resize, and they reply back Im sorry I wanted to be for 640x480

Today I'm going to make a FULL STOP and show everyone to this video Guide how its done and also give you a full list of scale command for the lifebars

Here the video guide

anyone can learn how to Reduces a HD 720P lifebars without taking the sprites out and try to reduces the quality, there other mean of having An HD 720P HD lifebar to fix in the 480P Stander Resolution Screen on the Mugen Software,

Here a long list of Scale setting for the lifebars to be reduced to 480p


numbers of scale
.5,.5 <<<<<<<< this for must use for Portraits and name and sprite size for the 480p

here are list of scale command for the reduce size by turning a 720P HD lifebar and make it into a 480p lifebars
by typing  [color=green]DOT SCALE EQUAL [/color]the number you want to reduce the size for 640x480 is always been .5,.5

These are for to reduces the sprite images and sprite animation
p1.bg0.scale = .5,.5
p1.bg1.scale = .5,.5
p1.mid.scale = .5,.5
p1.front.scale = .5,.5

These are for to reduces the size for Big Portraits and small portraits
p1.face.scale = .5,.5
p2.face.scale = .5,.5
p3.face.scale = .5,.5
p4.face.scale = .5,.5

These are for to reduces the Count Number for Timer, PowerBar
p1.counter.scale = .5,.5
p2.counter.scale = .5,.5

These are for to reduces teammate player 1 and 2  faces and simul sprite image backgrounds
p1.teammate.bg0.scale = .5,.5
p1.teammate.bg1.scale = .5,.5
p1.teammate.ko.scale = .5,.5
p1.teammate.face.scale = .5,.5

p2.teammate.bg0.scale = .5,.5
p2.teammate.bg1.scale = .5,.5
p2.teammate.ko.scale = .5,.5
p2.teammate.face.scale = .5,.5

There are to reduces the names on the lifebars
[Name] and [Turns Name] = .5,.5 = .5,.5

[Simul Name] = .5,.5 = .5,.5 = .5,.5 = .5,.5

These are to reduces the Combo Text and Number for the lifebars
team1.text.scale = .5,.5
team2.text.scale = .5,.5

These are to reduces the size Rounds Text and the Rounds Sprite Animation

This is the Round text scale command
round.default.scale = ,5,.5

This is the round sprite animation scale command
round1.anim =
round1.scale = .5,.5
round2.anim =
round2.scale = .5,.5
round3.anim =
round3.scale = .5,.5
round4.anim =
round4.scale = .5,.5
round5.anim =
round5.scale = .5,.5
round6.anim =
round6.scale = .5,.5
round7.anim =
round7.scale = .5,.5
round8.anim =
round6.scale = .5,.5
round9.anim =
round9.scale = .5,.5

This for scale command for FIGHT sprite animation
fight.scale = .5,.5

This for scale command for KO sprite animation
KO.scale  = .5,.5

This for scale command for DKO sprite animation
DKO.scale  = .5,.5

This for scale command for

This for scale command for Time Over sprite animation
TO.scale  = .5,.5

This for scale command for Win Text
win.scale = .5,.5
win2.scale = .5,.5

This for scale command for Draw Game Text also work on animation sprite Draw game
draw.scale = .5,.5

This for scale command for Win Icons Normal sprite images and also work on Win Icons animation sprite aswell
; Background icon
p1.bg0.scale = .5,.5
p2.bg0.scale = .5,.5

; Counter text font and offset for representing wins
p1.counter.scale = .5,.5
p2.counter.scale = .5,.5

; Win by normal
p1.n.scale = .5,.5
p2.n.scale = .5,.5

; Win by special
p1.s.scale = .5,.5
p2.s.scale = .5,.5

; Win by hyper (super)
p1.h.scale = .5,.5
p2.h.scale = .5,.5

; Win by normal throw
p1.throw.scale = .5,.5
p2.throw.scale = .5,.5

; Win by cheese
p1.c.scale = .5,.5
p2.c.scale = .5,.5

; Win by time over
p1.t.scale = .5,.5
p2.t.scale = .5,.5

; Win by suicide
p1.suicide.scale = .5,.5
p2.suicide.scale = .5,.5

; Opponent beaten by his own teammate
p1.teammate.scale = .5,.5
p2.teammate.scale = .5,.5

; Win by perfect
p1.perfect..scale = .5,.5

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