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Devil Wicked Kyo By Jin, Edited By Orochi Nathan (14.09.18)

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Devil Wicked Kyo By Jin, Edited By Orochi Nathan (14.09.18) 50086984306_129c06f147_o

Well you guys know the drill here by now...
When Evil isn't enough, make your Kyo "Wicked", and then add a bit of "Devil" in there and you have yourself another OP Kyo Masterpiece Cannot Unsee

Authors Notes:
Yes is a cheap edit, yes is another Kyo edit and, yes, I don't care about it.
This Kyo was very useful to I train my code skills.
Well, I made him very hard!!!
The Palette 1 to 4, is a "normal" cheap char, Palette 5 is a advanced cheap char and palette 6 is Ultra hard Cheap.
I hope he can be useful to y'all.
Thanks all my subs to keep upgrading m channel little to little!
Thanks all by the support and enjoy my newest code tester char XD.

Char Name: Devil Wicked Kyo (6P)
Authors: Me, Orochi Nathan
Edits: Color separation, new skills, new hypers, AI upgraded, cheap difficulty based on his palettes,
New helper: Orochi Blood (Khriz Blood transformation)
Status: 100%

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Devil Wicked Kyo By Jin, Edited By Orochi Nathan (14.09.18) 28356897037_5be1f6146a_o
Haha KOF characters are still being made as OP as ever I see

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