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We're Back (2019 Edition)

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1default We're Back (2019 Edition) Mon Jan 14, 2019 2:27 am



We're Back (2019 Edition) RjBqV68
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Happy New Year!

2019 marks the 10th anniversary of Newagemugen.
who would have predicted that we would still be going this strong 10 years later!?

Well, one thing is certain - we are still home and showcase to the best screenpack, stage and graphic content in the Mugen community.

As we say every year, Newagemugen is a community with a vision.
The vision to create a haven for the best graphic artists, mugen screenpack and stage creators to unite and work together.

2018 has actually been a great year for Mugen - there is no mistake that the mugen community is as strong as it has ever been.
Last year not only did Newagemugen reunite with some of its oldest founding OG members and Phantom Gs via our new discord server,
but we have also seen a fresh wave of new blood and rising talent in the mugen community.

Without digressing, let us also say that we have had a major clean up here - We have "flushed the Newagemugen toilet" so to speak.
Needless to say, things are now running smoother than ever before.

But moving on - here is the stuff you really want to hear about:

New for 2019

- New staff: We have new management running things behind the scenes here and on our discord server
- We have restricted membership and user account policies - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
- Our Newagemugen Discord chat has been completely revamped and improved [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
- We now have a monthly community message board [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
- New forum threads such as Mugen Cinema, The Future Egg Zone, Beyond M.U.G.E.N, and more.
- Completely revamped ranking and rewards system

Mugen Universe section changes
Below are a list of all the new Mugen download sections we have added to the Mugen Universe section.
While some are totally new sections, others are reworked versions of the old ones.

Mugen Forbes List
Mugen Hall of Fame creator library with history, detailed info, and download links

Mugen World Network
A list of all recommended international Mugen websites worldwide

Newagemugen Exclusives & Featured works
Exclusive content made by the Newagemugen family

Mugen 1.1 Gold Selection
ONLY the best quality Mugen 1.1 releases hot in the community right now

Mugen 1.0 Gold Selection
Same as above, but for 1.0 content

Shout Outs
Newagemugen would like to give special shout outs to:

GLB - AKA GLBeezus
For Creating the NAM Discord and reuniting the OG Mugen Family

Vegaz Parelli AKA Light Flare
The winner of the "2018 N.A.M MVP award" for the most community contributions in 2018.

Swagga Kings
Voted as our No.1 Mugen Youtuber of the year.

For his community support, and spreading the knowledge of Mugen, Arcades and fighting games throughout the United Arab Emirates

Vermillion Spy
For her maintenance and support of the Mugen Hall of fame and releases thread

Coming Soon
What to expect from us in 2019:

- Quality, download-worthly, non broken Mugen downloads by the TRUCK load
- More Newagemugen Exclusives
- countless unreleased creations
- New creator profiles in the Mugen Forbes List
- More international Mugen site links
- New Mugen Screenpack projects and WIPs
- More New ranking system changes
- Possible cross-community Mugen site collaboration projects
- Mugen stage & Graphic design competitions!
- Additional changes and improvements to our discord
- New skins, site layouts, banners & more!

And much much more, so as always, stay tuned.....

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