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Web of Shadows

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11.0/older Hi Res Stage Web of Shadows on Fri Dec 28, 2018 5:27 pm



Web of Shadows 2D2jZmR

Web of Shadows MgTTTVu

So, I was asked for help with this stage, 3 versions are inside the file:
-One is the original that was given to me, that's 1.0.
-Second & third are 1.1 revised by me.

Sky79 - Animated & coded the original.
Empawk - Rips.
Me - Revised, only the code, I didn't touch the images.
There's stuff that looks off/clashes, but graphic work is something I'm willing to do only with stuff that is just mine :P

1.0 version is different from the 1.1 version.

BGM loop points here:

bgmloopstart = 1032776
bgmloopend = 7398173

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