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[Consoles]Polymega™ - The world's most compatible Retro game console?

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[Consoles]Polymega™ - The world's most compatible Retro game console? 52117799409_ab650ff4e9_o
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[Consoles]Polymega™ - The world's most compatible Retro game console? KxgDoE1


Polymega™️ is a modular multi-system game console that lets you enjoy original game cartridges and CD’s for classic game consoles on your HDTV.

The Polymega Ultimate Bundle includes the Polymega Base Unit, all four Element Modules, an additional wireless controller, and an additional retro controller for each system. Play games from every system that Polymega supports at launch.

Compatible Systems:

PS1 (NA) / PS1 (E) / PS1 (JP)
Sega Saturn (NA) / Sega Saturn (E) / Sega Saturn (JP)
Sega CD (NA) / Mega CD (E) / Mega CD (JP)
Neo Geo CD (NA) / Neo Geo CD (JP)
TurboGrafx CD (NA) / PC-Engine CD (JP)
NES (NA) / NES (E) via Element Module EM01
SNES (NA) / SNES (E) / Super Famicom (JP) via Element Module EM02
Genesis (NA) / Mega Drive (E) / Mega Drive (JP) / 32X (NA) / 32X (E) / 32X (JP) via Element Module EM03
TurboGrafx-16 (NA) / PC-Engine (JP) / SuperGrafx (JP) via Element Module EM04

[Consoles]Polymega™ - The world's most compatible Retro game console? G3ESkjp

What’s Included:

Polymega™️ Base Unit Set with Wireless Controller
Additional Polymega™️ Wireless Controller (1)

EM01 NES Element Module Set
Additional RC01 NES FC Retro Controller (1)

EM02 SNES SFC Element Module Set
Additional RC02 SNES SFC Retro Controller (1)

EM03 MD GEN 32X Element Module Set
Additional RC03 MD GEN 32X 6-Button Retro Controller (1)

EM04 PCE SGX TG16 Element Module Set
Additional RC04 PCE SGX TG16 6-Button Retro Controller (1)

[Consoles]Polymega™ - The world's most compatible Retro game console? P21sO8E

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