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[PC Hardware] Why you SHOULDN'T BUY The new Nvidia RTX 20 Series GFX Cards

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[PC Hardware] Why you SHOULDN'T BUY The new Nvidia RTX 20 Series GFX Cards 52117799409_ab650ff4e9_o
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Before you pull the trigger on pre-ordering the RTX 2080 Ti or RTX 2080.....

Don't buy this 20 series.
There are marginal performance gains over the Geforce 10 Series (GTX1060/70/80/Ti).
Don't buy this new generation of GPUs from Nvidia at all, because there's something better coming in Q1 2019.
7nm cards will arrive in 2019 and offer substantial performance gains and power efficiency improvements.

Ray Tracing Isn't Everything

Nvidia's entire presentation was built around the wonder of real-time ray tracing, available for the first time in consumer grade hardware.
Don't get me wrong, when Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang proclaimed "games will never be the same" he wasn't lying.
Ray tracing renders light in real-time as it interacts with surfaces, objects, skin, literally everything. In most games now, light is simulated.
Ray tracing addresses billions of light sources in real-time which takes enormous computational muscle, but makes light and everything it touches incredibly realistic.
This makes each scene more believable and immersive than ever.
Yes, it is a generational leap. But ray tracing isn't everything. Nvidia, however, hopes you won't believe that.

Downside? Just like SLI, games MUST be optimized for Raytracing to benefit from this card, so don't let it sidetrack you from the raw performance required across the board for next gen games.

The reality of the RTX 20 Series that releases next month is this:
it's a money-grab designed to get early adopters on the ray tracing hype train for the 20 or so games that will ship with the feature.

Seriously, glance at the clock speeds for the 20 Series.
Check out the unimpressive CUDA core increase over the 10 Series.
Realize that the memory configuration is the same as the 10 Series (albeit with GDDR6 instead of GDDR5).
Take a hard look at what the performance increase should be.
Most in the tech media are putting it at maybe 10% to 15% over the 10 Series when it comes to the majority of games out there.
But you'll pay 40% to 50% higher prices for this generation's replacements based on MSRP.
And you know we won't be paying MSRP. . .

Ray tracing is bleeding edge right now, but do you want to spend an exorbitant amount of money to enjoy a handful of games optimized with it?

If you really want an RTX 20 series card, there's a strong chance that Nvidia will release 7nm versions in 2019 (RTX uses the 12nm process) with substantial performance gains, improved power efficiency and likely double the GDDR6 memory capacity.

Why? Because that's likely the point when AMD will have some kind of competitor at the high end, and Nvidia will want to leapfrog them.
It's also when we'll know many more details about Intel's upcoming Arctic Sound gaming GPUs slated for 2020.

Right now, though, Nvidia has no competition in this space. It can sell its new generation solely on the back of ray tracing hype and charge whatever it wants.
There's no pressure, and I guarantee a genuinely jaw-dropping iteration of the RTX series is waiting in the wings.

Article/notes taken from forbes editorial 24.08.18

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