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Ryo Sakazaki AOF1 CVS Arrange by NotAGoodName (12.03.18)

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Vermilion Spy

Vermilion Spy

Ryo Sakazaki AOF1 CVS Arrange by NotAGoodName (12.03.18) 51631106195_34e64106bd_o

Authors Notes:
Figured I'd post this here to see if I could get some meaningful feedback and maybe make one character that isn't a total hack job. Might be too late for that though.

Anyways.  This is a CVS-ish not-even-POTS arrangement of Ryo Sakazaki from AOF1 using Demongorne's sprites.  I really liked the sprites, but hated that they got slapped on an AOF base character, so I went through and ripped the poor thing apart until it resembled something playable.  A lot of animation data was stolen from Warusaki's cvsryo.  Hitdef data was stolen and adapted from cciryo95.  Movelist is based on KOF94/95 Ryo with some changes based on personal preference and what I had to work with.  There's a rubbish juggle system and damage dampener to prevent anything too horrible from happening.  AI is adequate enough to help me wipe out some bugs and win some matches.

SYSTEM: dash, dodge, roll (f/b), parry, power charge, wall jump, SFA-ish throw

Ko'ou Ken qcf+P
Kohou dp+P
Hien Shippu Kyuku (db),f+K
Zan Retsu Ken hcb+P
Haoh Shoukou Ken f, hcf+P

Haoh Shoukou Ken qcf,qcf+P (PP for Lv2)
Ryuko Ranbu qcf,hcb+P (PP for Lv3)

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