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Supreme Sagat BETA 2.1 FIX By M206 (2017/12/15)

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Vermilion Spy

Vermilion Spy

Supreme Sagat BETA 2.1 FIX By M206 (2017/12/15) 51631106195_34e64106bd_o
This is quite an interesting cvs/original gameplay style sagat with alot of new moves and edited sprites. The author has put alot of time and effort into this one project that is ongoing. As of January 2018, he is working on the AI.

Authors Notes:
There are a loooooot of improvements from the june release, timings, sprites, ect..
I've added 3 different stances based on the distance, + the crouching sf3style one , and fixed the focus attack problem.
I've added a loooot of new moves, and improved the old ones. The main style is again tekken-ish.

Designed to be played on Mugen 1.0 or Mugen 1.1

What you have:

- A.I. by me (based on Jadeeye's one- thanks for the help)
- 230 palettes (i think i've added every original color possible, and every palette for dw sagat i found on the net, + much more custom colors);
- since it's based on DW style, you'll find max mode and not custom combo.
- variuos styles included, but it's more similar to a tekken-style combo system.
- since i'm not a code master, you'll find this project coding far from perfect, please be patient.. :) :)

A special thanks to @Trololo, he helped me a looooot of times in these months, without him this sagat wouldn't be as it is. MANY, MANY THANKS! :) :)

what's left to do.

add upper medium stance.
add upper crouching stance.
fix lev.3 super tiger avalache (there are still some bugs, hard to find the free time /will to).
Upgrade A.I. and include the new moves combo (this is more ore less the same of the june release).
Adding more different sounds from other games.


- Electbyte (Creators of Mugen)
- VirtuallTeck (creators of Fighter Factory)
- Divinewolf = For great char which I used as base for my one.
- every sagat author out there, i took something from every sagat i found: dw, Odb718, sepp, chuchoryu, zamtong, o ilusionista, Infinite/dragoon316, fido, memo, felicity, trololo, varo hades, byakko, zion(m.t.m) etc. etc.
- aldo, leon, meldo, s jetstream for their palettes.
- trololo, Odb718, chuchoryu, emphawk, Alexsin, memo for their help, support, and suggestion on forum and on youtube.
- All those who accompanied the project in the forums MFG even with only a single post or reply, all without exception.
- Surely i'm forgetting someone, let me know if i forgot to credit some of you, i'll upgrade this post.

enjoy, and all feedbacks are more than appreciated. ;) ;)

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