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Link for Cyberia Style 8 Portraits [Original Link is down]

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So I've been searching the forums for about 3 days looking or Cyberia 8 Style Portraits, I found the link to it on another forum post, but sadly it is unavailable. I tried to make one based on the character selection box when you open up the game, but I've had no success. I tried looking on Mugenguild, Mugen Free for All for help but no has responded. So can someone please help me out.


Post some screenshots of the screenpack/select screen and also the mugen.cfg resolution settings etc being used in the cyberia sp you are talking about so we can better understand the problem.

From memory, if it is the sp i think you are talking about, it was probably made by vero and his stuff goes offline alot, including the tutorials etc and photoshop templates.

I can almost be sure it will be a custom pgotoshop template required to make the ports, but ill need to understand your problem better via some screenshots

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