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Power Rangers: Beats of Power

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1Full Game Power Rangers: Beats of Power Fri Jul 25, 2014 11:16 am

O Ilusionista

O Ilusionista

Power Rangers: Beats of Power 29270914107_0496322bcc_o
If you are a Power Ranger fan, you should try this game.

GO GO POWER RANGERS! Ah those where the days, I can't remember how many times I watched the show on TV and of cause the big movie. But then I grew up and now think it's a right load of, well you get the idea. So it was great to see today that Merso X and collaborations has developed Power Rangers: Beats of Power, which is a brand new beat 'em up based on the retrotastic Power Rangers and fused it with Beats of Rage

Power Rangers: Beats of Power 1

Another interesting bit of info regarding this free game is it also combines the aspects of the classic Power Rangers games from the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, while using the brilliant OpenBOR engine that features heavily in fan based brawlers. You'll also be pleased to know that Power Rangers: Beats of Power is also free and available for both PC and Mac.

Power Rangers: Beats of Power Clipboard04

Download here:

Power Rangers: Beats of Power HcGzIrB
Avengers game demo is out:

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