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Shared WIP Thread

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1default Shared WIP Thread Tue May 06, 2014 10:33 am



Shared WIP Thread 49283851498_0631820187_o
So as we have been having difficulties finishing our stages, I present my solution. We can all share out stages and help each other finish them!

As far as my ones go, I would like to release them under the name "Newager Team" and whoever helped out in making them.

You don't have to be a part of the newage team or anything! Just post help/feedback/suggestions or whatever. We accept any help  What a Face 

Hopefully if this goes well, we will increase our stage production and everyone will get some motivation to start making stuff again, also we can all behaving more like a team-family lol


Now you see, I have terrible internet and I can only upload one stage at a time, so please choose which one you guys want first out these ones here.

* I cannot upload Age of Evangelion yet due to it being 30MB; I need to separate the sprites first

1. Un-named stage (PSD)
Shared WIP Thread ERQF6yM

2. Midnight over the concrete jungle (mostly done, just needs a few more things) I recommend this one since it's almost complete
Shared WIP Thread 6zJZJMu

3. Newager Plaza (I have started making the stage)
Shared WIP Thread AdfIWJn

4. Myanmar Storm (Markpachi concept, I was starting to make this but forgot I had it lying around)
This stage is quite big and has a fantastic concept.
Shared WIP Thread TrUY2RE

5. Cypher Gate (almost done, just needs some new coding and a few effects)
Shared WIP Thread EFyWkc1

Shared WIP Thread KcsHGvO

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