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Sai Updated

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11.0/older characters Sai Updated on Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:51 pm



Sai Updated 32795826767_bd9bc92b05_o
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Hey Guys, Sai's update is out. I've made a lot of custom ink-related effects for him. I hope you like them. Kakashi has been updated with some extra compatibility with Sai's "two sides." I've fixed up his palettes to fit in with the others. Here's what's been changed with Sai:

- New HitSparks, GuardSpark, SlashSpark, Ink Effects.
- Re-created 90% of his ink effects.
- New sound effects in certain places.
- Fixed a bug where Chouju Giga: Eagle could be done for two bars after having 3. (Only 2 would be depleted).

;----------------- SAI'S README.txt ---------------------;

Name: Sai
Author: Alexei Roschak (kenshinx0)
Description: Sai is the epitome of my very phyche, minus the killing-people-for-a-living part. It's creepy lol. Sai is an emotionless assassin who can
make his art come to life by infusing chakra into his brush and brush strokes. The Ink lives in the form of what he drew. He's very fast
with this and uses it as an effective weapon.
Version: 1.0
MUGEN Version: 1.0

Neimad for ripping the sprites from NZC.
Laharl beta testing and making the English soundpack.
Robosaiyuk for being a badass beta tester. :)

Sai has both an English and Japanese sound pack.
To change them just open up his .def file
and change the line that starts with "snd = " to one of the following:
snd = sai_nzc.en.snd ; for English
snd = ; for Japanese

;-------------------- COMMANDS --------------------------;

Basic Commands:
Walking - Yes
Run (Dashing) - Yes
Crouching - Yes
Jump - Yes
Launcher (via Crouching) - Yes
Air Dash - Yes

Commands are mapped across the a, b, and c keys for simple
play style. A is for lighter attacks, b for medium, and c for
stronger melee and basic ink-based attacks that do a little extra damage but are slower.

Crouching + A is Sai's Launcher. He slashes the enemy upward and can follow up with a jump up to them
and then a combo that sends them back down to the ground.

Command Name - Command - Power Requirements (If Applicable)
Notes: If any.

Special Movements:

Ninpou: Choujuu Giga: Mice - QCF+a - 1000
Description: Sai draws many mice to run at the enemy and attack them.
Note: Since the mice are very small, this move can hit the enemy while they are down.

Ninpou: Choujuu Giga: Snakes - QCB+a - 1000
Description: Sai draws three snakes that quickly move towards the opponent and strangle them if they are hit.
Note: No strangulation occurs if the snakes are blocked.
The snakes can move past certain other projectile types, but can be blocked or jumped over pretty easily.
The enemy is unhittable while being strangled by the snakes.

Ninpou: Choujuu Giga: Lions - QCF+b - 2000
Description: Sai draws many lions that run at the opponent attack them with a fierce dash with claws.
Note: The Lions start off as a run, but then get very fast when dashing.
They only dash when they are within a certain range of the enemy.

Ninpou: Choujuu Giga: Birds - QCB+b - 2000
Description: Sai draws three birds that quickly fly in the air and hover for a bit. Then they make a quick dash downwards at the enemy.
Note: The birds can hurt the enemy on way up and down.
The birds do not home so to get the best damage from this move, point blank range with plenty of space for
the enemy to go flying after hit would be best.

Ninpou: Choujuu Giga: Eagle (Large Bird) - QCF+c - 3000
Description: Sai draws an enormous bird that flys at the enemy with talons extended. The talons shred the opponent and after 5 hits,
they are grabbed and entrapped by the great birds claws. The bird flys up, high and then dives into the ground at very high speeds
with the enemy still entrapped. The enemy smashes into the ground and takes a nice portion of damage.
Note: The bird can be blocked and will no longer try to grab you, but die into a puddle of ink.
The bird can also be killed before it starts flying at the enemy, but one must be very fast for that to happen.

Sumi Bunshin No Jutsu - QCB+c - 3000
Description: Sai creates an ink clone that starts to rappidly kick the enemy. After 10 successful hits, the clone follows up by
using an overhead slash, then an upward slash that sends the enemy into the air. The clone follows and then finishes with a double kick
downwards. While the enemy is falling, the real Sai teleports in shroud of ink over to the enemy and finish the combo with a large horizontal
Note: The clone can only followup on successful hits, so blocking it will make it die.

Pressing z, after guarding at least one attack, will consume
350 power to teleport Sai using Kawarimi. He will appear
behind P2 ready to start comboing. Kawarimi in this case creates no log
but covers Sai in a shroud of ink (Sprited by me).

;--------------------- CONCLUSION -----------------------;
Sai is a very fast, combo-intensive character who excells in ink techniques that he draws on a scroll. I didn't have a lot to work
with as far as ideas go, so I made due. Sai has two sets of sprites. One for his left side and one for his right side. This is because Sai
has one sleeve shorter than the other for some strange reason. It was a lot of work, but it got done and works rather well.


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