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Genesis Mugen Resource Thread

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1Genesis Mugen Resource Thread Empty Genesis Mugen Resource Thread Tue Dec 04, 2012 9:28 am



Genesis Mugen Resource Thread RjBqV68
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Genesis Mugen Resource Thread Ryu20Hayabusa20blackG

So I'll probably update this very slowly but periodically i'll add some stuff for Newagers to use,i only ask for credit,that's it.

So for starters:
The Fire I made for GLB's Destruction
Genesis Mugen Resource Thread GLBFIRE


-I made it when i was first getting back into AE(and i wasnt that far in for starters)
-It was my first time looping in AE
-It's 150 frames when it shouldve been 30
-Although its on a perfect axis,it isnt cropped(granted anything i make later prob wont be cropped due to how long it'd take,plus im lazy and dont care lol)
-I havent made GLB a new set of fire to replace this one,i meant to a while back but I figured he'd never touch Destruction again,now i cant.

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