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Through The Look Glass and Midnight Park updated

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hmm yea its about time i update my stages for now (the midnight park i better fix those for some reasons it went a bit bad)

whats the update?

well i manage to add shadows on those 2 (since first release you haven't see them yet)

Through the looking glass http://www.mediafire.com/download/duhmyl3o229m14x/Through_the_Looking-Glass.rar

Midnight Park http://www.mediafire.com/download/y01fd5lefuybal9/Midnight_Park.rar
(i bet u notice that judging the pics when you notice dont worry i will fix that as soon as possible maybe 1 or 2 days or after this silly post)



I've always found that Midnight Park was a very beautiful stage (apart from the colorloss present in the game)




midnight park has been updated (just ignore those screenshot on midnight park im done fixing that bad parts on the screen shot!)

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