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KOF 99 EVO AMUSEMENT PARK A-B By KAIN Updated (2017/9/21)

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Vermilion Spy

Vermilion Spy



Authors Notes
Hello, I bring you a new scenario and an update of the other version of it, the two scenarios have been made from the perspective of the center,  have been created for my needs that are the most basic so the .def file is for Winmugen but the .sff file is for Mugen 1.1, so I do not include any new features of Mugen 1.1, but I leave the possibility to adjust them to your liking, such as a higher jump, zoom, etc... not will there be any conversions from me to another Mugen version like 1.0. The version of AMUSEMENT PARK-B has a small update with modified deltas to give an impression of more depth and with a kind of "patch" to cover the gap at the end of the background sprite, for those who have no problem with it, should unblock this code by removing the semicolon at the beginning of each line:


;type = normal
;spriteno = 13,9
;start = 0,0
;delta = 1.88,2
;mask = 1

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