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[Updated] Cerberus - Chaos Code/ Version 2 has been added

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Cerberus - Chaos Code

-Stage Description-
Animation - Yes
Super Jump - Yes
Deltas - No
Music - Yes - Chaos Code theme
Mugen 1.0 compatible - yes
Credit - Insanius/Aokmaniac13 for Chaos Code stage sprites. Credit has also been mention in the .def file as well

Cerberus Version 1 Stage
-Screenshot Preview-

-Video Preview-

-Download Link-

Cerberus Version 2 Stage

-Screenshot Preview-

-Download Link-

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I really like what you did with that light on the right hand side. Nice idea.

IMO, the light animations seem way too fast and sort of clunky (referring to Christmas looking lights and the lights on the brick wall). I still suggest erasing everything on the light sprites that aren't lights to avoid the huge amount of gradient loss it produces. That's what I did with my personal copy.

I looked at everything else, the characters are pretty game accurate, the music is very nice, your sprites are cropped, everything seems in tip top shape. Good job, bro. I'm definitely keeping this one.

Another version? Now you've got me curious. Twisted Evil


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Thanks GLB

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I readed what you said on Guild...

Cait´s stage haven´t made yet?
I thought it was already made and released.
I only need to code the animations of the stage to finish it.
Btw thanks!
the new version looks better.

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