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Fushigiboshi no futago hime GYU: The Dark Princess

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Update log:
Tuesday, april 26th, 2011:
a) Updated medium attack.
b) Added effects in Moon Glider and fixed the after image issue.
c) Updated Edward (his dark messengers can pass through enemies and also tile issues
are now fixed).
d) Updated all versions of Bibin Bui Bui and also added the original command.
e) Super Jump now works.
f) Added effects in air medium attack.
g) Updated Unhappy Birth.
h) Updated intro.
i) Updated win poses.
j) Added special text for victory and perfect,
k) She have a forward punch motion, but still not accurate.
l) Updated win quote against Klarissa.
m) Fixed several issues with her body proportions.
n) Move list updated.
o) Envshake was added in her crouch strong attack and also close strong attack.
p) New custom state for p2 if he/she get hit by Bibin's strong air attack and others.
q) Fixes on her crouch weak punch.
r) Air medium attack can hit two times if the enemy is in air.
s) Intro 1 updated, special thanks to Muirtower.
t) Fixed sprites, special thanks to Zzyzzyxx.
Download her here:

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