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Dormammu released by Gladiacloud & Shinzankuro Updated (06.03.18)

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Vermilion Spy

Vermilion Spy

Authors Notes:
Gladiacloud here. Again.

Finally I succeeded. The summit of all my creations is finally complete. The reason why I decided to work on the Mugen was to create my favourite character. Just him.

However, without Ahuron, who created his D_Rugal, I would certainly have had a lot of trouble. And without a 3D model on Xnalara, I would have certainly had three
times the difficulty. Actually worse: I would not even have started him.

But now it's enough. It is finally done.

He is him.

He's the Lord of the Dark Dimension.

He's the Dread One.

He's the main enemy of Doctor Strange.



A big thank you goes to Delusiontrim. Even if he did not actively participate in my project, he was fundamental: he created a very excellent Dormammu sprite,
and he gave me permission to use it.

What else to say ... this is my final character. For now.

Do not worry, I will not leave the mugen (at least for now): I have only completed all my personal characters and, at the moment, I do not have any more in mind.

There will certainly be some characters that I will do in the future, but in the meantime I will work on other projects. For example ... I'm going to make a revamp
of one of my Capcom characters. After many years of her release, I think she has the right.

However, keep an eye on my sign. ;)

Enjoy and see you soon! :)

P.S: This will be the last time that I'll work on a character so challenging to sprite XP

(Updated 03/06/18)
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