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Bonk's Adventure The Jungle Mugen stage code it by OldGamer

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The mugen stage has mid super jump
The mugen stage has animation
The mugen stage was rip from Magic Engine Emulator and Dolphin Emulator 1.5.0
The mugen stage was made for mugen 1.0 but work on mugen 1.1
The mugen stage resolution localcoord = 640,480

and for those that dont know who is Bonk ?
here a wikipedia link to know about him and his adventures

and here a tv ad commercial for Bonk Adventure for the turbo grafix 16 system

Japanses version it was released as PC Genjin (PC原人)

USA version for Bonk Adventure for the turbo grafix 16 system

Download located here at google drive

Vermilion Spy

avatar this is definitely stuff from way before my time. Interesting to say the least!


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