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Clark, Shermie, Yoko & Saki Updates By Divinewolf/Cruz (2017/10/28)

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Vermilion Spy

Vermilion Spy

Authors Notes:

- Adjusted Busty Suplex
- Fixed the floating opponent in Shermie Flash

Alongside this there are updates to some other characters.

- Reduced the damage of close.HK
- Increased startup for c.MK
- Increased recovery for c.MK, c.HK
- Adjusted special and super throws
- Increased guard velocity on some moves
- Fixed Fisherman Buster, Napalm Strike, Running Three,and Rolling Death Cradle issues

- Increased guard velocity on some moves
- Reduced the damage of (EX)Ro, (EX)Midoru, (EX)Hai
- (EX)Midoru, (EX)Hai can now hit after juggle resets
- Altered Sakasa Uchi's firing angle
- Fixed the damage of Ore-tachi muteki no Guren-dan!
- Added a juggle reset stock system

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