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Hatsune Miku: Project MUGEN extend (850,480) Released

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Arranged Version:
Classic Version:
Normal Version:

Lifebars Custom:
Lifebars Normal:

It's Hatsune Miku's screenpack/motif sequel for MUGEN, now in 850,480 resolution. Three selectable motifs are available for you to choose from: "Arranged", "Classic", and "Default".

NOTE: If you are familiar with screenpacks with the use of localcoords, localcoords = 426.66,320.25 for characters will be required. I've included two stages of mine: "Miku Lounge and Violet Sky" already fixed. More information is available in the extend Readme.

For OpenGL users, there seems to be a glitch when half the Arranged Portraits are scaled awkwardly on Select but not a big deal.

"Arranged" version lets you create your own portraits and stats with the addition of the 9000,2 victory portraits.
"Classic" version keeps the traditional custom portrait from the previous screenpack.
"Default" version uses the default 120x140 portraits.

New and Revamped Lifebars
'Arranged" and "Classic" versions will use the traditional 9000,35 portraits with the addition of 9000,8000 Simul/Turns portraits.
"Default" version will use the default portraits.

Templates are also available for you to choose from. Have fun contributing!

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Congrats on yet another great release, Diss. Thumbs Up 



Now Markpachi and Watta shalll do ports for the SP again like slaves.

Nice 2nd released.




You're up now. Didn't bother image re-sizing or previewing all motifs, will go back later and do it if there's smaller preview images made, or if I can make one big preview shot to reduce the size, left a note at the bottom though.




Congrats on yet another great release, Diss. Thumbs Up


I need help obviously. My character portraits from the OG SP aren't mixing with this one. I definitely need a walkthrough guide lol!

EDIT: Sat and read the read me, so theabovestatement is voided. I am having a problem. Forexample, when Mukai does his petrify special (the one with weird gray background) he stones the opponent like regular, but theweird gray background doesn't cover the whole screen.

Also, if a boundleft = -300, do you -300-55 making it -355 or -300+55?

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