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Release rules

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Release rules OjtZ7W5
Failure to adhere to these rules will result in topic deletion or banning.

Use the appropriate message icons when needed, Char, HR char etc.. Also if the icons aren't showing up in the list, just refresh.

When posting what you are releasing/announcing use an appropriate name example: "Kingdom hearts II stage" using the proper icon for it, stage HR or just stage. Also, post a screenshot of what you are releasing looks like in mugen. if the creation you are releasing is from a game, it is recommended you state it's source. if not, do not bother giving an explanation. If what you are releasing is not available to the public in someway, you will be notified. If it is not made available within 3 days, it gets sent to the dump. We do not care for all that private release bologna, save it for your forum bud. Same goes for stolen material, if you took a sprite or something that you didn't make without giving proper credit, you will not be warned it will be taken down immediately. We have zero tolerance for thieving. Do not release something more than once, if you released it once don't release it again. Don't necrobump, or revive old topics, it causes headaches. People will think it's new when it is actually quite old. Then last but not least, try and take feedback like a man instead of whining and crying about it.

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Release rules XqZWtLC

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