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"Ansatsuken Jutsu"(Ryu/Ken Stage)

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1Stage "Ansatsuken Jutsu"(Ryu/Ken Stage) on Fri Apr 13, 2012 2:20 pm

Deep in a secluded forest, inside long forgotten dojo, Ryu and Ken square off. Along with a few other familiar faces, they train with each other to sharpen their skills and to remind each other that they still got it. As Gouken look's on, Sean pummels poor Dan on a consitant basis. Sakura's trained till she can't stand, and Ibuki, although not a full-on Shotokan practitioner, trains here as well out of respect for the "assassination" aspect of the "freestyle shotokan."

What's up guy's. I've had this stage in the back of my mind since I started sharing my creations. I've done animations, but this is my first attempt at "choreography." I also chose to use bits and pieces of dojo images, and my own orignal sprites, rather than using sprites from already existing games(as I normally would). I would like to thank GM Sniper, FIDO, POTS and Alexlexus for thier respective character sprites. It's got the usuall specs: Original concept, Hot soundtrack, animations and superjump. The soundtrack I made by mixing Ryu SFIV theme(RyuVsGouken) and an overclock remix of Ken's theme(by AE and Prozax). Hopefully, I'll learn more about Virtual DJ as well...

All feedback is welcome. Whether it's on the stage, the music or tips on other software I can incorperate into my creations. With that said, enjoy the stage! Dat behind


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2Stage Re: "Ansatsuken Jutsu"(Ryu/Ken Stage) on Sun Apr 15, 2012 2:40 pm

The stage itself is blurry and color-lossy all over. The characters are awkwardly pixelated. Try fixing your colors in a photo editor to reduce your color loss. Your stage seems flat, (no use of deltas) you could do a layerno1 railing or something like that giving it a seperate delta and standing out more. You could add hitsparks to the characters aswell that may be neat. You can also attempt to implement a lens flare corresponding to the sunlight on the wallls in the background.

I'm personally not a fan of characters in the bg of stages, but you could try and implement some cool stuff.


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3Stage Re: "Ansatsuken Jutsu"(Ryu/Ken Stage) on Sun Apr 15, 2012 5:40 pm

Once again, GLB hits it right on the head. Thumbs Up

Most of you feedback I got on other sights already. I was considering maybe some lights shining in threw the window. But a lens flare sounds good. I'm trying to "redo" the Sean/Dan/Gouken sprites, but it may take a while. Honestly it's a but discouraging, even for me. But I have to do my best...

Typically, I don't put characters in the BG either, but I think if I try hard enough I can make it really "cool."

Thanks for the feedback, GLB. Your feedback on "Straight Edge Asylum" proved to be a great asset. Let's hope I can apply it to great effect here as well... Dat behind


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