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Blazblue: Continuum Shift Lifbars HD by sal-azul/Nameless353

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Oh yeah! I said it was going to be very soon. Twisted Evil To my disgrace, I couldn't replicate the animations or clean the sprites from the rounds.

So, I'll avoid the chitchat and copypast from the readme :lol!:

these are the BlazBlue: Continuum Shift lifebars, coded by my manservent Nameless353 (the guy who made
the README in spanish lol) and myself, salazul (the god of trolls, the one who made this shitty readme and edited
the grafic aspects, lets face it, It's not exactly like the BLazBlue lifebars xD).

About the Lifebars:
They work only in MUGEN 1.0 at HD resolution (1280x720).
They require custom portraits (for you're guys disfortune). They are the following:
9000,40: the main portrait
9000,41: the simul portrait
You also need a character with the default 9000,0 portrait for the turns.

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that your characters DO NOT use any localcord,
since the portraits re made to fit in perfectly by default.

The .rar file contains the following files:
*A folder named Blazblue, which includes:
-the fight.sff and fight.snd files
-the .def files, which are fight_HD_CP_NPB.def and fight_HD_CP_APB.def
*A folder with all the necessary fonts, which you should add to your main font folder in MUGEN.
*A portrait folder, which includes the templetes to create your custom portraits, and some already made portraits.

About the .def files (the names are my idea lol), each .def file represents a different powerbar, depending on your
preference you may choose which one to use. The folder "Blazblue" goes inside your MUGEN's "data" folder, and in
order to use the these, you must go into your MUGEN's "system.def" and change the following in the [Files] section:

spr = system.sff
snd = system.snd
logo.storyboard =
intro.storyboard =
select = select.def
fight = Blazblue/fight_HD_CP_NPB.def <------------------------ This is what you need to change, with the .def of your choice

One more thing, the lifebars do NOT include the rebel and wheel of fate animations of Blazblue. We used the animations from
Guilty Gear XX: #Reload, since the ones from blazblue where too complex (probably over 30+ frames per round) and there was
too much colorloss.

Dem spoilas

The link:

Enjoy! Please leave feedback! :jedi:

WE ARE working on the 640x480 version of the lifebars, please be patient.


Credits to ayumifan-S for the sig!
I am a noob contributor Newager.. wait, when did this happen? :falcon:



The bars and the round animations clash really bad.



They do, but it's temporary since Quick helping me with the round animations. And I'll probably release a version with some kind of placeholder. That way they don't clash as much. Thumbs Up


Credits to ayumifan-S for the sig!
I am a noob contributor Newager.. wait, when did this happen? :falcon:

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