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Rainbow Mika By DeathScythe updated (08/20/2018)

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Vermilion Spy

Vermilion Spy


Authors Notes:
Rainbow Mika has been updated (08/20/2018) again. Major changes:

Added alternate mediafire link in my site
Replacing sounds / changing effects (again)
Fixed cancels (again) and combo ability
Changed command for Rainbow Cyclone
Fixed some sprites with wrong color
Color Separated Midnight Bliss sprites
Changed all CLSN to look more like in SFA3
Re-aligned some sprites
Fixed Ring cut-off
Tweaked some moves
EX Wingless Airplane now can connect with opponent in falling state (good for combos :D)
Added AfterImage on EX Moves (can be disabled in config.txt)
Changed AfterImage on Custom Combo to look more like SFA3 V-ISM (can be changed in config.txt)
Changed default palette
Changed portrait

Please tell me if you find bugs!
Have fun!

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