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Kula by MC2 updated 3/6/11

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11.0/older characters Kula by MC2 updated 3/6/11 Sun Mar 06, 2011 7:45 am



Kula by MC2 updated 3/6/11 49283851498_0631820187_o
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Well, I've reached that point. I no longer have any interest in MUGEN. I have not created much for the engine, but I've certainly been in the community for a while. It was...I believe late 2007 that I first got involved with MUGEN, although I did dick around with it for a bit back in the DOS days. It's taken a while, but I think the engine has finally lost its appeal to me. Well, from a participation standpoint anyway.

I simply don't feel the fun and joy I did before, so I feel the need to release this incomplete update of Kula. This character may not mean much to you, it may be another flash in the pan POTS wannabe to you, but to me, it's my pride and joy. I started this character as an outlet for my personal stress after problems with my family following my birthday last year. Crazy Koopa, my best friend, offered to teach me how to code, holding my hand through the early phases and eventually showing me how it's done. It took me from March to October to get the first release out, but I was damn proud regardless. Kula is a character I like a lot, and when I finally finished her I was very very proud of myself. I had completed my first character. It may be nothing to you, but to me it was a major milestone.

I am thankful for every single post of feedback I got. For every single person who showed interest in a green coder's first character. I'm thankful to every last person who downloaded and gave me their thoughts, positive or negative. Those many sleepless nights trying to get everything to work, that one week of editing sprites not included in Dampir's set with a busted mouse, it was all worth it.

So you may ask, if I am leaving why do I leave this topic here? Well, I had this update in the works for a few months now, and since I'm closing up shop I thought it best to go ahead and leave it behind as I go. Feel free to modify this character or update it in any way you wish, you don't need my consent.

I was planning to revamp the focus attack code, give her the ability to FADC, finish up her AI and sort out the remaining bugs. With my interest in MUGEN waning, I feel no more motivation to continue.

Thank you to everyone who made this character possible, and everyone that I was fortunate enough to call a friend during my time here. I must now take my leave from the MUGEN community, who knows for how long? Pressing life matters also call to me. Perhaps I can stay in touch with a few of you?

And with that this is goodbye for now....but hopefully not the end.

Farewell! God knows when we shall meet again.

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