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Temple of Chaos by Dresmasher updated 3/3/11

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Temple of Chaos by Dresmasher updated 3/3/11 2D2jZmR
Temple of Chaos by Dresmasher updated 3/3/11 Mugen000-9

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Dresmasher wrote: - decreased stage zoffset
- replaced lamp lightning so that it would fit with the lightning that the sprite had integrated in it's textures
- 2 sets of lamps now: orange & white
- decreased spikes y coord. bc 1 pixel of the bg was visible bellow them
- decreased stage size
- changed window sprites & transparencies
- changed window decorations, old was dragons, now it's Lin Kuey symbol and a scorpion
- added some depth to the flying monk and changed animation speed values
- added paralax, not too noticeable, for the green hole
- cleaned some sprites
- added new sprites for the sucction effect of the vortex
- changed some deltas
- lamp and mk logo lightning are no longer epileptic ...

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