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Corridor of Death by Dresmasher updated 3/2/11

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Corridor of Death by Dresmasher updated 3/2/11 2D2jZmR
Corridor of Death by Dresmasher updated 3/2/11 Mugen000-8

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Dresmasher wrote: - lowered stage floor to no longer have the in-air feeling
- added extra layers for the floor with layerno 1 so that projectiles no longer look weird (go through floor)
- reduced stage boundleft to fix projectile being stuck in the left side
- added a new layer for the big skull with transparency so that your character may be visible while inside
- changed some x deltas
- replaced lamps glow, old one looked cut-out
- remade the demon head wall decorations, old one was just 1 shadow on the wall
- changed boundhigh to -5, the camera no longer moves up
- fixed window sprites, old one looked cut-out
- prepared the stage floor for some env-shake (you won't see weird stuff with characters that have decent envshake values)

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