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Sabotage (SHADEs of Manhattan 2) by SeanAltly updated

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Sabotage (SHADEs of Manhattan 2) by SeanAltly updated 2D2jZmR
Sabotage (SHADEs of Manhattan 2) by SeanAltly updated Mugen018

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SeanAltly wrote:****Update November 21st, 2010****

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I released an update for Sabotage with the help of Kamekaze. Here's what's updated:

-First of all, the AI has been totally revamped by Kamekaze. You'll notice the difference, trust me.
-Most of benimarucollider's complaints from above have been addressed. Specifically:
-Fixed the launcher problem
-Added low hitting normals
-Fixed sweep/juggle issue
-Fixed the throw problem
-Added clsns to his backwards dodge (Jive)
-The biggest one though is that I've decided to not have normals do block damage anymore. I am fully aware that I was going against the grain by doing that since normals don't usually do block damage in professional games, bit I liked the idea of it myself. However, we've decided that since the SHADEs 2 full game has a Guard Crush system, that normals doing block damage isn't necessary. All of my released SHADEs 2 characters will be getting this update soon.
-Changed the command for his DM to QCF,QCF+K for easier execution since OrochiGill had said it was a bit unreliable, and I realized the previous command (QCF,HCB+P) was in conflict with his Double German Suplex command (HCB+P).

I think that's about it. Enjoy the update guys, I hope it makes him a better character overall.

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