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Tye Kelly BY Safir-Kreuz - Original Character Beta

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Tye Kelly BY Safir-Kreuz - Original Character Beta 2GPpdMR
He is best described as a subtle blend of Cammy, Blair, and Adon. This mix makes him an intense rush-down character with decent mix-up abilities. Once he gets in, his opponent can't really do much to stop him.

This character along with my other upcoming releases uses a unique control system. It essentially a mixture between Bloody Roar's button setup (minus the morph mode) and Street Fighter IV/Street Fighter EX plus Alpha (Canceling and motion/charge centric specials).

System Mechanics:
P - X |Punch
K - A |Kick
G - Y |Grab/Throw
T - B |Tactic (Taunt/Cancel)

Normal Attacks:
Use the direction pad along with the P or K button to perform a diverse variety of attacks.

Use taunts by pressing T (B button) to either boost your health or gain power meter.

When you make contact with your opponent and have at least one level of super meter press T (B button) to cancel the attack.

Using the direction pad allows you to control the distance of various specials. (Please check the read me file in the .rar file to get an idea how to perform his moves.)

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Download here: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Known Issues
[s]Very bad AI, I will be fixing this in the future.[/s] His AI is cheap instead of poorly programmed.
[s]Repetitive vocals. If anyone can speak with a decent Australian accent, please assist.[/s] I've contacted Chosis to help me.
Possibly too cheap, he is a juggling powerhouse.
He and my other characters use system fx for hit sparks.
He has a lot of command shortcuts.
His Comet Rush (Dive Kick) can be executed just off the ground, which was purposely made that way.


    [li]Adjusted Clsn1 hitboxes on most attacks to have less priority.[/li]
    [li]Added/Edited evshakes on throws/grabs to show more impact. I still need to add more sprites to make them look more structured, yet I believe just adding evshakes improved the aesthetics some.[/li]
    [li]Fixed some alignments on the crouch sprites[/li]
    [li]Fixed his Earth Lock glitch (I had changestate for selfstate.... strange)[/li]
    [li]Canceling now causes damage reduction.[/li]
    [li]Added a new small portrait.[/li]
    [li]Added a freshly drawn, super finish portrait.[/li]
    [li]His health taunts function has changed ( He only can gain 250 in a match, each time you taunt the potency decreases (75,60,45,30,20,10,10), gains incrementally during animation)[/li]
    [li]Edited the getup animation[/li]
    [li]Replaced the vertical jump[/li]
    [li]Edited the walk sprites - it looks more aesthetic.[/li]
    [li]Edited the standing far kick sprites (less range, more aesthetic).[/li]
    [li]Added a new animation for his neutral jump kick.[/li]
    [li]Edited the dash sprites, added frames.[/li]
    [li]Made Rush Splendor bind on the target if he hits.[/li]
    [li]He now has a true AI, even though it's a tad OP. (He's extremely anti-turtle and constantly pressuring the opponent)[/li]
    [li]Fixed the alignments and bindings on the throw sprites, changed the hold sprite on Spin Comet (Rolling Slam)[/li]
    [li]Tempest Rush -> Gale Rush no longer cancels into Comet Rush.[/li]
    [li]--His vocals haven't change yet, Chosis may be helping[/li]
    [li]--I will be making his combos a little tighter[/li]
    [li]--I still need to edit/add/replace sprites, his Earth Lock continuation throw, his taunts, and some normals are top priority.[/li]
    [li]--May change non-juggled Rush Chaos animation to look more dramatic, may be adding a tackle on the end.[/li]




Tye Kelly BY Safir-Kreuz - Original Character Beta SPOGNVp
Tye Kelly BY Safir-Kreuz - Original Character Beta TyeScreen-1

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