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PAF1998's MUGEN Battles

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1default PAF1998's MUGEN Battles Sun Jun 13, 2021 6:41 pm


PAF1998's MUGEN Battles SPOGNVp
Here is my Youtube account's random MUGEN battles chosen by yours truly. Note I don't take requests thank you very much.
So here it is:
Hope you guys like it. Since I put so much effort on these battles.

2default Re: PAF1998's MUGEN Battles Wed Aug 25, 2021 3:00 pm

Filthy Fredo

Filthy Fredo

PAF1998's MUGEN Battles 49241500477_6b04bc7f46_o
this reminds me of those old school mugen channel. Interesting everyone has different mugen video style i guess

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