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Important Announcement regarding Project support & Commissions

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Important Announcement regarding Project support & Commissions 50086984306_129c06f147_o
Hey everyone, ya boi Phantom D here. I'll make this short lol.

As many of you older members may be aware, since 2005, Newagemugen, in its many former names and forms, has been a major aesthetic influence on the mugen community.
It's highly possible that your favorite Screenpacks or stage was made by a current/former Newagemugen member and you never knew.
Rarely have we ever asked to be credited or receive gratitude for our work. It's simply something we enjoy doing.
As the "phantom Creators" behind a large number of Mugen projects across the internet, our work spans as far as south America, South Korea, Japan, China, Australasia and more.

We have a clear vision for where we see ourselves elevating Mugen to in the foreseeable future. Our approach and style will not change.
What will be changing however, is how we assist with external projects outside of our own personal work.

To date, we have given free external project support as a hobby and recreational activity.
In the last 3 years however, we have experienced an ever growing demand for projects, and commissions.
A demand that has exceeded the level we are able to manage as we always have.
Balancing our own personal work, and that of others without turning them down has become increasingly difficult.
Time is limited - which then means that time is our most valuable resource.
Which in summary means we have come to one simple solution:

As of The 1st Of September 2020, Newagemugen will only be assisting with external projects that are paid commissions.
Any requests for assistance with screenpacks, graphic design, coding, full-game development will only be accepted under a mutual paid commission agreement.

For those unfamiliar with how commissions work (or what the hell they are/are not), it is strongly recommended that you read parts 4a-4c of our beginners guide to commissions via the links below:

Part 4a - Introduction to Mugen Commissions

Part 4b - Commissions: Copyrights & Fan art

Part 4c - Commissions Vs Profiteering

To be fair and transparent, our commission prices will be calculated the same way they are calculated in the professional Graphic design industry.
Rates will be calculated by the number of designs required, and total hours of labor required based on the complexity of the request.

We will be adding a full detailed Commission calculation section to our website very soon so you will be able to clearly see how commissions will be priced. Alternatively for the meantime, we will be using freelance design rates calculated as per the industry standard online piktochart calculator here:

Please do not misunderstand this as profiteering - it is highly unlikely that an influx of people need/want mugen commissions.
There are abundant tutorials, websites and commercial software available across the internet that can enable anyone to replicate the services we offer. Anyone can learn mugen content creation for themselves and not need paid assistance.
This is merely a measure taken to let the community decide on how we use our time the best.
We prefer not to have to choose "whos project we work on first", and instead want to let you decide.

If you require project assistance or are requesting a commission, you can either contact our members directly via PM, via our discord server, or post your request accordingly in the Mugen project section and tag it as a "commission" via the commission the topic icon above, and one of our members interested in assisting will respond to you there.

We thank you for your understanding in this matter and look forward to working with some of you in the future!

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Important Announcement regarding Project support & Commissions 28356897037_5be1f6146a_o
That's understandable.

Well there's alot of talent people here and on the discord.
Especially those two artists that hand draw the environments and characters.



Important Announcement regarding Project support & Commissions RjBqV68
Yeah this will be the best deal for everyone

Important Announcement regarding Project support & Commissions QnnT425

Filthy Fredo

Filthy Fredo

Important Announcement regarding Project support & Commissions 29630307338_927318ed53_o
If you're good at something, never do it for free as they say.
I'm all in with whatever way this is going.



Important Announcement regarding Project support & Commissions OjtZ7W5
Haha I agree with you man, couldn't said it better. Good stuff, nice to break it down and give respect to whom it's due. I just need another good pc, tired of being restricted to my old Did eye say that out Nevertheless, I love what you doing with the place. PD, keep up the awesome works. study pirate

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