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Arina Makihara Vs.Style (MVC) By G-knux19 (05.02.19)

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Vermilion Spy

Vermilion Spy

Arina Makihara Vs.Style (MVC) By G-knux19 (05.02.19) 51631106195_34e64106bd_o
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Author Notes:
Hi, all gknux19 here with my latest character the bunny chick from waku waku7 made her way into the vs style.

Move List:
============================== MOVELIST ====================================

Arina Beam : D,DF,F + Punch [AIR OK]
Renzoku : B, D, DB + Kick ;Tap kick button after attack.
Arina Tornado : D, DB, B + Kick [AIR OK]
Arina Crush: F, D, DF + Punch

Hyper Arina Beam: D, DF, F 2 Punches[AIR ONLY]
Hyper Arina Tornado: D, DB, B 2 Kick
Suppa Arina : D, DB, B 2 Punches [LEVEL 2 Buff] ; Buffs attack & defense for a short time.
Hyper Arina Crush : F, D, DF 2 Punches
Hyper Arina Carnival : F, DF, D , DB , B 2 Punches
Arina Special :  D, D 2 Kickes [LEVEL 3 HYPER COMBO]


Super Jump: D, U [Only "U" after you hit a launcher]
Dash/Hop Backward: FF/BB
Advancing Guard: 3 PUNCHES in Guard
COUNTER-ATTACK: F + Punch & Kick (when in defense (Power Cost = 1000))

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