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Bug Report for Goku beta by Noctisxmgv15

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11.0/older characters Bug Report for Goku beta by Noctisxmgv15 Wed Feb 12, 2020 4:33 pm



Bug Report for Goku beta by Noctisxmgv15 52683742883_83f0025bf4_o
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OK here we go!

Character DEF file bugs:

The Biggest problem he has is simply this:

- no mugenversion specified
you need to specify if it is a winmugen/1.0 or 1.1 character in the def file first

- no localcoord specified
you need to specify the native localcoord for your char if it is for 1.0 or higher.
default is 320,240

- mugen foldername & .def name donot match
This will create errors and failure to load if the mugen char folder name and DEF file name donot match

Syntax Error in def file
"- Edited By Memecheal Diaz" is not uncommented to denote it is note code with a ;

Loading error when mugen version set to 1.0
If you set the mugen version to 1.0 in the def file he does not load at all and presents the error:

Error in [statedef 26003]
Error in cns/characteristic.cns:1603
Character mugenversion is older than this version of M.U.G.E.N.
Error loading chars/EvilGoku/EvilGoku.def
Error loading p1

SND file errors
- duplicate .snd files 700,0 should not be used twice by sound#131

AIR file errors
- syntax error line 56173
need to add ;

And here's the rest to give you an idea.
Most of these are very easy to fix, and if you want the character to be fully 1.0+ compatible then you really need to fix these:

Here is the full bug report:
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So far he looks great as far as animations, effects and animation cutscrenes, but he is full of state file errors, syntax errors and many other issues.
Most important issue you need to fix, is decide on which coding format you are creating him as - at the moment there is an odd mixture of Mugen Beta/1.0/winmugen coding standards which will cause problems for people in the future that are trying to use him as a 1.0 character or convert him to a 1.1 character.

My advice would be to code him as either a mugen 1.0 or 1.1 character.
If you donot specify the mugen version in the def, it will trick the engine into loading him but it will not address his errors..

Good luck with the fixes and i look forward to the updated version for the next test

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