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Forum Chat is dead? Discord is the future?

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Forum Chat is dead? Discord is the future? RjBqV68
Some of you may be wondering why it is quiet here.
Well the answer is simple.
As of 2018, 97% of our activities and discussions are conducted via our Newagemugen discord channel.
Please refer to the invite link on the toolbar or the sticky forum topic to join us.

Forum chat in general is a dying notion - discord is replacing traditional forum chat across various other gaming/hobby communities on the internet so it is by far not limited to us.

While other mugen communities may still largely use Traditional forum posting, we find that live discord is by far faster and more practical for our community.

While we still do use these threads, if you really want to be involved with the wider community, please join us on discord.
We will still respond here to topics though if you choose to do so.

Forum Chat is dead? Discord is the future? 37790345872_ebfeb58d10_o

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