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New MvC Cyber Blue from Battle Circuit!

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11.0/older characters New MvC Cyber Blue from Battle Circuit! Fri Nov 23, 2018 9:58 pm



New MvC Cyber Blue from Battle Circuit! Wcz4RWt
CYBER BLUE by Pizzahighfive

Marvel vs Capcom style

Download link in video description :)

I Hope you all enjoy, I am done with this character for now, finally.  I put in many many hours putting in hard work for this char to be nice and playable in MvC style but most importantly badass and fun. I tried to make him retain as many cool things from Battle Circuit into his mvc gameplay style and I am surprised how well it worked out to the point where I am surprised that he isn't in a actual MvC game already. Again, I hope you all enjoy this project of mine and stay true :)

Things still needed:

-Air grabs

-After he does 1 attack in the air of any kind he will come down from the air completely vulnerable not being able to block or attack until touches ground. I did not know how to fix this...

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New MvC Cyber Blue from Battle Circuit! 50086984306_129c06f147_o
This is really cool - are you going to fix those hitsparks though?

He seems to using too many weird clashing hitparks and fx - you should remove them all and use just either completely MVC2 sparks, MVC1 sparks, or Xmen vs SF sparks etc rather than a whole mish mash of random ones. otherwise keep up the good workl!

New MvC Cyber Blue from Battle Circuit! P21sO8E

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