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pikachu by -Eco- updated (31.08.18)

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11.0/older characters pikachu by -Eco- updated (31.08.18) Sun Oct 21, 2018 7:09 pm

Vermilion Spy

Vermilion Spy

pikachu by -Eco- updated (31.08.18)  50086984306_129c06f147_o
pikachu by -Eco- updated (31.08.18)  Pikachu%2Bportraito2


pikachu by -Eco- updated (31.08.18)  Pikaptura

Authors Notes:
watch the video to see the news.

The Pikachu Update
Improbed Animations
Bug Fixes
Some new Moves
1 Extra Hyper
New Color Pals

[s]various moves added, included some specials.
i changed the damage and some other things[/s]

[s]-added charge power with button "z"
-warner's peter decapitation compatibility
-changed palfx
-bgpalfx fixed
-play snd fixed
-attr fixed (i think so)
-power usage fixed
-adde 2 more color pals
-compatible with winmugen, 1.0, 1.1,[/s]

aaaaaand thats all i think i will focus on another preoject
i hope you enjoy this pikachu ,have fun

thanks to PlasmoidThunder and Duke of Corvus for the great help.

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pikachu by -Eco- updated (31.08.18)  39750191021_f709bd611c_o

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