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Zombie Kanji DrKelexo (04.09.18)

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11.0/older Hi res character Zombie Kanji DrKelexo (04.09.18) Thu Oct 11, 2018 4:40 pm

Vermilion Spy

Vermilion Spy

Zombie Kanji DrKelexo (04.09.18) 50086984306_129c06f147_o
[Zombie Kanji DrKelexo (04.09.18) Zkanji1 Zombie Kanji DrKelexo (04.09.18) Zkanji2 Zombie Kanji DrKelexo (04.09.18) Zkanji3
Zombie Kanji DrKelexo (04.09.18) Zkanji4

Authors Notes:

its another drkelexo joke edit this year whoooa

this is a combination of the characters Kanji (from a series ive never played) and Punk Rock Zombie Zed (from a game i played like 1 million years ago) using a reasonably unique fighting style. this was one of the projects i had deemed 'never to be finished' and then i randomly got inspired to push him to completion.
there were still a few thematic things i wanted to do with him (like make his weak KO not so prominent, i couldnt quite figure that one out) but hes still got a full moveset. might be too strong, who knows. i just wanted to put this out before i lost interest and slept on it again.

also i hope you're not offended by swearing because ahahahahahahahahah

as usual please let me know if there any glaring flaws i overlooked. this one isnt winmugen compatible but ill make it so if theres any demand for it.

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Zombie Kanji DrKelexo (04.09.18) 39750191021_f709bd611c_o

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