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Goku Black Z2i Release by Yoshin222 (01.08.18)

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Vermilion Spy

Vermilion Spy

Goku Black Z2i Release by Yoshin222 (01.08.18) 51631106195_34e64106bd_o
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Authors Notes:
Been working on this for a while now. I originally intended this as coding practice using as few new sprites as possible, but it developed to be a bit more than that. Thank you to everyone that downloaded his Beta, contributed palletes, etc.

Make no mistake, while the goal was to create a character that felt official, HE IS NOT OFFICIAL!!! An actual Black is currently in development, thread can be found here

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Pasting the description for convenience
"All in the vid!

One more time, if you have any suggestions/contributions, let me know I intend to move on to other projects after the last few things are added, but make no mistake, that by no means implies i'll ignore feedback. I'll tweak and add as necessary based on suggestions. With that, enjoy!

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