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Android 8 by Betalille Update (17/04/2018)

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11.0/older characters Android 8 by Betalille Update (17/04/2018) Wed Jun 13, 2018 11:05 pm

Vermilion Spy

Vermilion Spy

Android 8 by Betalille Update (17/04/2018) 50086984306_129c06f147_o

Android 8 by Betalille Update (17/04/2018) FUexIJ5 Android 8 by Betalille Update (17/04/2018) OoJnpRT
Android 8 by Betalille Update (17/04/2018) Armna2L Android 8 by Betalille Update (17/04/2018) 2sd7vOf

Author Notes:
Android 8 or Eighter is the 8th android created by Dr. Gero from the Red Ribbon Army during the Dragon Ball anime. Although he was built to receive and execute the Red Ribbon Army's orders, his good-spirited nature leads him to refuse to fight his first target who was Goku and befriend him instead.

Credits :
- Sprites ripped by Ichiron47 and Trrnc_williamson !
- Voice ripped by God Ryu !
- YAMATO for his effects on his Superportraits from Dante DMC4 !
- Romeotantan for his A.I. tutorial !
- Ryon and SarielP3 for some effects !

Abilities :
- Basic attacks (5 Standing, 5 Crouching & 5 Jumping)
- Taunt
- Throw
- 4 Intro
- 2 Winposes
- 5 Super Moves
- 5 Special Moves
- A.I. (activate if difficulty is at least "Medium 3".)
- Palettes (+ Old palettes made on request available in the folder "Add-Ons")
- English Voice (+ Japanese Patch available in the folder "Add-Ons")

Update (17/04/2018)[/align]

- Added Teleport in Air and Backwards
- Changed Hitsparks
- Added Super FX
- Many special attacks and super attacks modified
- Air Bomb move added
- Combos modified
- A.I. added
- Fixed some moves and littles problems here and there in the code
- Readme.txt added

Movelist and Credits are also in the readme.txt.

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Android 8 by Betalille Update (17/04/2018) 39750191021_f709bd611c_o

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