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Deidara Updated

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11.0/older characters Deidara Updated on Sat Feb 02, 2013 11:26 pm



Deidara Updated 32795826767_bd9bc92b05_o
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Hey guys, Deidara's update is out. Lots changed, but all for the better:

- New HitSparks, GuardSpark, SlashSpark, Poof Smoke, Fire Particles, Explosion Effects, Super Portraits, and sounds.
- Fixed gameplay mechanics to be a lot less cheap and spammy.
- Katsu! activates more often than before to help limit projectiles.
- Custom C0 effect.
- Made the clay spiders' crawling sound louder.
- Swapped B and C supers.
- Swapped Down+A and Down+B.
- Fixed some CLSN issues on his first Air attack. The kick wouldn't always land. It should land more often now, if not, always.


;-------------- DEIDARA'S README.txt ---------------------;

Name: Deidara
Author: Alexei Roschak (kenshinx0)
Description: Deidara is a strange character who attacks with exploding clay. The clay is formed by the mouths in each
of his hands. Deidara can detonate the clay at any time he wishes. The clay is shaped in the form of Deidara's personal art: mostly
nature and animals.
Version: 2
MUGEN Version: 1.0

Neimad for ripping the sprites from NZC.
Laharl beta testing and making the English soundpack.
Robosaiyuk for being a badass beta tester :)

Deidara has both an English and Japanese sound pack.
To change them just open up his .def file
and change the line that starts with "snd = " to one of the following:
snd = deidara_nzc.en.snd ; for English
snd = ; for Japanese

;-------------------- COMMANDS --------------------------;

Basic Commands:
Walking - Yes
Run (Dashing) - Yes
Crouching - Yes
Jump - Yes
Launcher (via Crouching) - Yes
Air Dash - Yes

Commands are mapped across the a, b, and c keys for simple
play style. A is for lighter attacks, b for medium, and c for
clay creature based attacks that do a little extra damage but are slower.

Crouching + A is Deidara's Launcher. He detonates the ground below the opponent within a short range, sending
them flying up into the air if hit successfully.

Command Name - Command - Power Requirements (If Applicable)
Notes: If any.

Special Movements:

Kibaku Nendo C1: Eagle - QCF+a - 1000
Description: This move has two variations based on whether you're in the air or standing on the ground while doing the move:
On the ground, Deidara poofs off the screen and flys in from the side of the screen on a giant clay eagle. After a short time, Deidara hops
off the eagle and it starts to dive bomb the enemy.
In the air, a giant eagle appears underneath Deidara and he rides the eagle forwards.
Notes: The eagle explodes when it hits the ground or ground.
The airial move's eagle flys into the enemy until it hits something.
Since the eagle is clay and flammable, it will explode if anything hits it.

Jibaku Bunshin - QCB+a - 1000
Description: Deidara creates a clone that eats a large amount of clay. Deidara poofs in somewhere behind the clone
and detonates the engourged clone.

Kibaku Nendo C1: Spider - QCF+b - 1000
Description: Deidara throws out 4-5 clay spiders that crawl towards the opponnent and slowly and explode
on contact.
Notes: Deidara can use this in the air.

Kibaku Nendo C1: Falcon - QCB+b - 2000
Description: Deidara throws 5-7 clay falcons at the enemy that home on to them and explode on contact of the wall, floor, or enemy.
Notes: This can be used in the air.

C0 - QCB+c - 3000
Description: Deidara rips off his cloak, exposing a sitched up area on his chest. Deidara pulls out the stitches to explose
a giant mouth. Deidara the feeds the mouth all the clay in his body. Then deidara starts to be absorbed into nothing
ball this little black ball, a bomb, with a mouth. The bomb soon after explodes with a huge blue, cone-shaped explosion.
Notes: Since it'd be unfair to kill him, even though that's what happens in the Anime, Deidara loses a
constant amount of health during the blast. If Deidara lived through it, he'll poof in ready to fight, otherwise he's
dead and not coming back. XD
This is also unblockable, but has a somewhat short range in comparison to C3.

Kibaku Nendo C3 - QCF+c - 3000
Description: Deidara poofs off screen and flys in, riding on a giant clay eagle. Deidara then drops this awkward
looking bomb onto the stage that blows up with a huge explosion. Deidara flys off the screen for saftey and poofs back
when it's safe.

Pressing z, after guarding at least one attack, will consume
350 power to teleport Deidara using Kawarimi. He will appear
behind P2 ready to start comboing. Kawarimi is a log.

;--------------------- CONCLUSION -----------------------;
Deidara is a very complicated character. He's essentially a projectile whore at best, but not limited to that. Most of Deidara's
moves can be used for camping areas and just blowing shit up lol. This was extremely complicated to try to limit fairly. One thing
I made use of was his "Katsu" button. This button is activated automatically at times to explode all bombs on the stage. This a method
limiting that works quite well. You can't spam things as much as you'd like to ... or at all. I've done my best at making him fair
and I hope you all agree that he's more fair than other Deidara characters in mugen or even in different offical video games.


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